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Why NexGenEsis


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Why NexGenEsis

NexGenEsis Healthcare provides the highest quality of care with the latest technology and techniques. We strive to provide our patients with accelerated injury recovery and relief from joint issues without narcotics or surgery. Our cost-effective approach to care makes our services easily affordable.

    Proven success.
    Growing industry.
    Protected territories.
    Limited competition.
    Multiple service configurations.


Why Franchise?

Launching a business can be a daunting task. Having an experienced partner providing a proven business model and support can provide the confidence you need to succeed.

In-Depth Training

Our team will provide you with the training you need to operate a successful NexGenEsis franchise.

On-site Support

We offer assistance at your center prior to opening to ensure you are prepared for success.

Marketing Support

We work with you to launch local marketing campaigns to attract prospective patients.

Quick Startup

Franchise owners typically open their clinics within 120-180 days of signing.


Location Support

Our team assists with finding and planning the most efficient space for your clinic.


Competitive Advantage

We are continually enhancing services, technology, and knowledge for you so you can focus on serving your patients.

— FAQ’s

We’re Here to Help

  • Do I have to be a medical professional to invest in NexGenEsis?

    No. While many of our clinic owners have healthcare experience, we work with investors from many backgrounds. These include: Investors looking to get into an emerging industry.● Medical professionals looking to open their first clinic.● Medical doctors looking to add revenue to their existing practice.● Medical clinics that want to simplify their practice by converting to regenerative therapies and neuropathy.

  • What services does a NexGenEsis clinic offer?

    Our primary services include regenerative therapies for a wide range of joint issues and peripheral neuropathy. Our franchisees have the option to add hair restoration and ED treatments to their service offerings.

  • What support can I expect from NexGenEsis?

    NexGenEsis provides training for up to three individuals, who may consist of the franchise owner, medical staff, and clinic manager. Training at our headquarters, or one of our affiliates, lasts three days. Up to three additional days will be provided in person at your clinic's opening.
    Ongoing training via site visits, video, and other materials will be provided as well. Additionally, you will have access to the regularly-updated NexGenEsis operations manual that guides you on all daily operations.

  • How much does it cost to open a NexGenEsis franchise?

    The initial investment in a single NexGenEsis clinic is approximately $172,750 to $346,495. This estimate includes all costs, including the franchise fee, equipment, and furniture purchases, securing a lease, leasehold improvements, and signage.
    Multiple factors will influence your exact start-up costs, such as the local commercial leasing market, what leasehold improvements are needed, and insurance requirements in your state, among other things.


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