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Convert a Clinic



Become a NexGenEsis Partner to Leverage Our Knowledge and Experience

Converting your clinic to the NexGenEsis Healthcare model is a simple and straightforward process. With our marketing experience, proven systems, training, and guidance, you’ll see a demonstrable return on your investment while remaining an independent owner.


Be On Your Own, Not Alone

  • You want assistance growing your practice.

  • You want to be the premier regenerative therapy practice with a national presence.

  • You are looking for coaching on effective marketing, technology, and procedures.

  • You want help creating a strategic growth plan.

  • You want effective training and a quality operations manual.

  • You want to maintain 100% ownership of your clinic.

  • You want the freedom to decide who to hire and fire.

  • You want to maintain autonomy with your daily operations and treatment techniques.

— FAQ’s

We’re Here to Help

  • What is NexGenEsis?

    NexGenEsis was created so medical professionals have a choice about how they enter the regenerative therapy and neuropathy marketplace. Our model enables you to thrive while remaining independent! Using our proven systems and experience, we show you how to run an efficient, growing practice while still providing your patients exceptional care.

  • Does NexGenEsis tell me how to run my business?

    At NexGenEsis, you’re independent but never alone. We understand that what makes a private practice stand out is the personal connection you make with your patients. We provide proven business operations guidance to enhance the quality care you already provide. While we have recommended processes for running your clinic, we won’t tell you who to hire or fire or how you provide treatment.

  • Can NexGenEsis help me grow my practice?

    Whether you want to grow a single clinic or streamline a multi-location practice, NexGenEsis can help you reach your business goals. Medical professionals who partner with us do so because they recognize the world of medicine is continually evolving, and they like having a partner that helps them stay ahead of an always-changing environment.

  • What’s involved in converting a clinic?

    As an existing clinic, you have a head start in the franchising process. First, you’ll go through our qualifying process. Next, you’ll complete our training, convert your signage and start your marketing. Unless you need to make changes to the physical space of your current clinic, you could be operating as a NexGenEsis franchise in as little as 90 after signing!


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