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Start a Clinic: Medical Professional



Run Your Own Regenerative Therapy Franchise

Are you dedicated to innovative treatments and quality patient care but uncertain about the business operations of an independent clinic? A NexGenEsis franchise can provide you with the confidence you need in all aspects of business operations.


Franchising Might Be Right For You If…

  • You like the idea of having a partner with extensive experience providing regenerative therapies.

  • You’ve always wanted your own practice but weren’t sure how to start.

  • You want to avoid common startup mistakes.

  • You don’t want to spend your free time figuring out how to market your clinic.

  • You want a proven system for running a profitable business.

  • You want access to ongoing training and service developments.

— FAQ’s

We’re Here to Help

  • Should I do it myself or franchise?

    Some people get concerned that if they join a franchise, they will give up their independent owner status. At NexGenEsis Healthcare, you are the independent owner you want to be. You make your own decisions by working with patients, designing your clinic, and conducting your daily operations.
    Making the practice uniquely yours is what stands out to your patients and the community you serve. The benefit of partnering with NexGenEsis is access to an experienced team, so you have the help you want.

  • How do I open a NexGenEsis clinic?

    At NexGenEsis, we make starting your own regenerative therapy clinic simple. Our six-step process gets you up and running within six months! After meeting with the development director to decide if this is the right opportunity, you will sign your franchise agreement and Franchise Disclosure Document.
    You’ll then be introduced to our Operations Team, who will guide you through the following process:● Step 1: Set goals and business plan. Step 2: Identify clinic site and secure lease. Step 3: Make changes/improvements to the clinic. Step 4: Outfit clinic with furniture, equipment, and initial supplies. Step 5: Recruiting, hiring, and training. Step 6: Plan for opening.

  • What does the cost of starting a clinic include?

    The total investment for your clinic will be between $172,500 - $346,495. With a franchise model, your costs are predictable. The estimate is all-inclusive of everything you need to start your clinic, including the franchise fee, leasing, improvements, furniture, equipment, insurance, professional fees, marketing costs, and more.

  • How much revenue does NexGenEsis receive?

    As a partner with NexGenEsis, you will pay a royalty of 7% of your clinic’s gross revenue, which is typical for most franchises. An additional 1% of your revenue will be dedicated to an ad fund that assists with the marketing of all NexGenEsis clinics.


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